Black Women are Claiming the Comedy Stage



Women have to deal with a lot. Black women have to deal with even more. In a world that is constantly telling them no, constantly telling them that they can’t be funny– there are several women who are taking the scene, claiming the spotlight, and demanding otherwise. From stage to screen, Leslie Jones and Sheryl Underwood are taking the black women comedians world by storm, writing it and refining it in their own narrative, and laughing all the way.


Leslie Jones has been called “one of the funniest women in the game”. But before she gained stardom and notoriety from her notable works in Saturday Night Live and the all-girls Ghostbusters remake, Jones was hustling funny bones along the road. Prior to Jones introduction to the big-time spotlight, she entertained a more lowkey (albeit still very successful) gig as a road comic. In fact, she was at this gig for 25 years. But even before that, Jones was performing stand-up at her college. She’s always been funny. But now, she’s finally famous.


For Sheryl Underwood, comedy became saving grace. Despite enduring many hardships throughout her childhood and adult-life, there has always been one thing which Underwood has preserved, and that is her sharp tongue and her commendable ability to be able to express herself comically. She took a job in the military before finally giving into the passion which have been meanwhile calling her all along: comedy.


Now, as an actress, writer, and television host with a net worth of over 2 million, Underwood continues to put that sharp mind and sharp-witted tongue to the test. What’s more to commend? She is the founder of the African American Female Comedian Association. Underwood not only inspires people to laughter– she inspires them as a famous INFP, period.

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