How Did Marc Sparks Gain So Much Success?

As a serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is no stranger to hard work and success. Although he has had a great career, there has been more to it than just success after success. The story of how Marc Sparks got to where he is is a very interesting one and one that might come as a shock to many.


A C student in high school, Marc Sparks started his career as soon as he graduated. This is not the norm for most people entering the business world. Usually, people go to college get a business degree and work their way up the ladder. Instead of doing that Marc Sparks set his sights on greatness at a young age at chased his dreams after high school.


This sounds like Marc Sparks experience success right away, while he did experience success he also went through some troubling times. Not every business he created was a success and at times he didn’t have enough money to even buy the necessities. Although he experienced some hardship he never let it affect him from continuing to strive and go after what he wanted. In his book, They Can’t Eat You, he describes all of his experiences in his career and the ones that helped him get to where he is now. Writing about his failures. he believes that they serve a greater purpose and that they are what other people can learn the most from. A real inspiration, Marc Sparks has never been one to let things tear him down.Learn more :


Marc Sparks is not only an inspiration but a motivator for people who want to break into the business world. Through his ups and downs, he has been able to design a career that other people wish to have. Through his ability to get past failures and hard work, Marc Sparks has created a career most people can only imagine.Learn more :




Richard Mishaan Design: Expensive Taste and Unique Style


On May 3, 2017, GQ published an article written by Louise Hart highlighting the 45th occasion of an annual event that takes place in the United States. The country’s best architects and designers cooperate in the transformation of a pricey ($26.8 million) townhouse.


With so much talent located in one place, Hart tapped into their expertise to help men avoid some common mistakes when designing their space? The following tips are a small representation of the 13 most common mistakes and what to do about them.


Thinking without color, most men avoid color to show masculinity. Neal Beckstedt and Timothy Brown suggest lightening up the darkness. The rustic look. Beckstedt also suggests contrasting the bold wood look with furry rugs, and high gloss paint.


Robert Stilin says spaces need to be comfortable. There is no point in living in a showroom. Use furniture that’s comfortable. He likes to mix great art and a softer environment that people want to hang out it.


Furniture placed against the walls. Susan Ferrier picks the mistake of putting the furniture against the walls in a bedroom. Float the chairs, tables, etc., to make movement within the room easier. The use of glass is becoming very popular as well, Bendheim makes architectural glass that is stylish and can transform and elevate just about any space, bringing it into the modern century.


Richard Mishaan opined that men hide their treasures when they should put them on display. Great art, souvenirs from an adventure, or an antique desk, let them shine.

Mishaan was born in Columbia. He attended New York University where he earned a Bachelor of Art’s degree and then went on to the Columbia University of Architecture. His first experience working in design was as an apprentice to Philip Johnson. Richard wrote two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern published by a division of Random House. Richard Mishaan Design is now at the top of the design industry in New York and the world.


Richard has a reputation for mixing eras and styles. He is also known for his fearless use of color and expensive taste. His wife’s name is Marcia. He lives with her and their sons Nick, who is twenty, and Ali, who is 18 in an apartment filled with art.

Wen by Chaz’s Hair Routine Changer

Wishing for extra time to hit snooze in the morning? Or perhaps some extra luster would make your hair happy? Wen by Chaz has created a cleansing conditioner, which diminishes the time on grooming hair, while adding some shine and health to your luscious locks. Emily McClure shared her story of her impression on the cleansing conditioner from Wen by Chaz’s hair line, and the results seem to be dazzling.

Emily McClure posted a 7-day trial blog post about the cleansing conditioner from Wen hair by Chaz on This blog post that also appeared on Facebook included her thoughts, results, and even photos of each day’s hair game. Describing her hair as fine, Emily reported that her hair felt amazing after washing, but needed some refreshing during the following morning. For those who wash their hair daily, or are looking for a moisturizing hair cleanser, Emily reports that this cleanser may be for them. It is important to note that Emily has fine hair, and that those with thicker hair may not need this additional refreshing 24 hours after washing. Those who use dry shampoo may not even mind the plentiful conditioning characteristic of this eBay sold product. For those who are interested in reading more about Emily’s thoughts, or who wish to see the selfies of her hair before and after using Wen by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner, check out her full article at

Fabletics – Foodie + Coupon Lady

Trying to find the right workout wear can be tricky. The right shape, size and color counts. Time is another factor that has to be considered when trying to find the right workout wear. Imagine a company that allows you to have that delivered right to your home at a great price. The ability to have those delivered saves you time as well. The Fabletics product line offers it all on a monthly subscription plan that allows choices and incredible support for your workout.


Fabletics is great if you are a picky person about your workout clothes. It offers a membership program that allows you to save money on a regular basis. It’s great if your into coupons and saving money. Here are the details of how it works.


You can join as a VIP member and get your first order for $25. It also allows you to purchase add-on items at a discount. It’s a service for people that are busy and want great workout clothes. Each month you get a two to three piece new outfits that allows you to buy or skip. It’s easy to build a great wardrobe fast that way. The membership is flexible and allows you to skip a month as needed.


Signing up is easy. You will be asked some questions to better help you identify what your particular needs are for your choices. The types of choices that you need and even colors are chosen. You can change those as needed.


As far as quality goes, this company is really good. The cost is a bit high, but the quality far surpasses the cost. The leggings are thick and won’t allow the problems that most leggings cause. They stay put where they are through the most active workout. That is important. It allows you to concentrate on the workout instead of on the clothes.


The pieces all hold things firmly in place comfortably. The colors seem to maintain over time and the stitching is good to wash after wash. It’s a fabulous design for sportswear. Those qualities make it a great choice for anyone looking for high quality workout wear.


Overall, it is a fabulous choice for anyone, but if you are an active woman looking to find great workout wear, then this company will be a great choice to have all of that at a monthly subscription price.

Brad Reifler Takes Investing Seriously

In the world of investing, there are many types of investors. Also, the amount of money that people have to invest varies from person to person.

While the types of investors and the amount of money available to invest maybe different, there are investments for people looking for various investment types and investment dollar ranges.

For people interested in investing, one of the main reasons for investing is to find ways of getting a higher return on the money invested.

Traditional ways of putting money in a checking or savings account do not produce much in interest. Therefore, many people look towards investing as a way of earning greater returns on their money.

Although investing has been and continues to be a powerful method to earn more on the money placed in an investment, many people lack the expertise, experience, or knowledge related to the type of investment that they want to make. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Many investment decisions are made based on emotion or thoughts instead of hard cold data results and information. For people who are serious about making the most from investments, they should consider the use of an investment company.

The use of an investment company concerning investment decisions and investment services is something that many people do for a variety of reasons.

A simple yet basic reason is that most people do not have time to handle the tasks related to investments. People have most of their time already utilized with the various aspects of their lives.

This leaves very little time to check on investments. Combine this with just the lack of what is needed to be able to successfully manage investments, the use of an investment company is a sound business decision.

Forefront Capital is an investment company that provides numerous investment products and services for its clients. The CEO of Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. A top executive in the investment industry, Brad Reifler has provided many investors with great investment opportunities.

PR Newswire said that Brad Reifler has a different view of investing that sets him apart from most executives in the investment industry. Brad Reifler believes in taking risk to achieve reachable gain. However, his understanding of the investment industry gives him proven ways of picking excellence investments.

Samuel Strauch is a Powerhouse of Successful Investment in Real Estate

In the real estate industry, insightful thinking is an asset in itself, and this is what Samuel Strauch has in abundant supply. A man who has had a long and prosperous career spanning many years in this industry, the success of this powerhouse of housing investment can be rightly attributed to his excellent degree of professionalism, and a keen analytic mind that can quickly interpret the dynamics of the market. He is a graduate of various world-class universities such as Harvard University, Hofstra University in New York, and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam from all of which he distinguished himself as an excellent student. It is this quality of striving for a distinction that he has brought to bear on his business.

Samuel Strauch is a team-player who understands the benefits of collective responsibility in all undertakings. It is for this reason that he executes all his business transactions with a high and infallible degree of transparency. He has smoothly succeeded where is peers have found insurmountable challenges by embracing a spirit of collaboration that puts his staff members, clients, and partners at the top. Building synergy throughout his enterprise is what defines success to him. In Miami Beach where Samuel Strauch is the face of Affinity Realty Group Inc., he is known as a Realtor with expansive knowledge of both macro and micro dynamics of the market. When it comes to investing, he has a sharp sense of understanding good value when he spots one. That is why he is among the most renowned experts in high demand.

He has a voracious appetite for progressive psychology literature that explores happiness, and he loves purposeful living. It is rare to find a satisfying balance between living happily and working successfully, but this is a feat Samuel Strauch has managed. The Miami-based real estate expert has consistently obtained positive results by building enduring partnerships with his customers, and other investors.

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Top 4 Best Anime Shows on Netflix


Netflix’s anime catalog is actually pretty extensive. To my surprise, there are around 20. But here are the top 4 anime on Netflix:


Sword Art Online

This show is a science fiction anime series. It was originally a light novel but was adapted into a show years later. It follows two characters who are trapped in a virtual world called Sword Art Online. They must go through all 100 floors and then defeat a final boss to be freed from the game.  Really great sword anime that’s so much fun to watch.



Sword Art Online II

This one is similar to the first, except this one is about a fantasy world called Gun Gale Online. This time they are fighting against a character named Death Gun, who has the ability to kill someone in real life, and then, as a result, their avatars would also die.


Attack on Titan

This show is set in a reality where humans must live in cities that are surrounded by huge walls. The reason for this is an extra defense against the Titan’s, enormous humanoid creatures that eat humans.


Blue Exorcist

This follows two twins who find out that their father is Satan, making this a really dark anime. Eventually, Satan killed their guardian. One of the brothers then decides to enroll at True Cross Academy, in order to study exorcism and defeat his father.

Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Reputable Attorney

When you are involved in a legal matter, the first step you need to take is to find a legal representative. It is extremely important to hire a reliable and reputable attorney for your representation.

Bruno Fagali is an attorney who can handle a wide variety of cases and he is respected in his field. Bruno Fagali is a powerful negotiator who has throughly studied law.

Hiring a good attorney is not a daunting task if you go about it the right way. You can start by checking out the background information of any lawyer you have in mind.

Bruno Fagali is a  Brazilian attorney who specializes in Administrative Law, Compliance, Urban Law, Ethics, and Regulatory Law. Bruno Fagali is well known for his attention to details and representation in his clients’ cases.


Getting favorable outcome in a legal matter requires a lot of knowledge, skill, experience and passion. Bruno Fagali knows the law thoroughly and cares about helping his clients.



Working In The Field Of Law

Karl Heideck is currently a lawyer in PAOne of the best careers that anyone can have is in the legal field. There are a lot of people who have built great careers in this area, simply because the pay is so high and you can make a difference in the world around you. Not only that, but you can start to see how people come to you in their darkest time and you can help them in a variety of ways.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, working in litigation is the way to go. This is what Karl Heideck has done throughout his career, and now he is ready to start making an impact in the lives of others.


Karl Heideck

From the time he was young, Karl Heideck has always been interested in the field of law. He studied hard in school, although he had to go for many years just to get through the basic requirements. Learning about building wealth in a variety of ways is the way to go. A lot of people today are excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place in this area. He is ready to take on more challenges, and help more people with litigation than ever before. With the great career that he has built in the world of litigation, he can show you the ways in which you can make a positive impact in the lives of others. There are a lot of people who are ready to see the difference that this can make.

Learn more about Karl Heideck:

A Look At Baltimore Area Businessman, Todd Lubar

An Overview Of Todd Lubar And His Career

Todd Lubar is an alumni of Syracuse University, in Syracuse, New York. He completed a bachelor of arts program in speech communication there. After completing college, Mr. Lubar decided to enter the real estate sector. His choice came because he knew that to be successful in real estate, one had to be competent in communicating with other people all across the industry. This is exactly what his college studies had prepared him for. Todd was also fascinated by the real estate industry and he wanted to help people. Real estate was a natural pick for him, given his skills, goals and interests. See,

Todd Lubar quickly found employment after graduating from Syracuse University. His first job was at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. As a loan originator, Todd Lubar would carefully look at loan applications and decide whether they would be approved or not. He would also work with applicants to complete the disbursement of any funds if they were approved. Crestar Mortgage Corporation was a conservative lender. Todd Lubar quickly learned the ins and outs of conservative mortgage banking. Knowledge of conservative mortgage banking would help Todd Lubar navigate through the bubbles of the mortgage industry. It also helped him figure out which loans were safe and which ones were too risky to give out.

In his Angel page, during his work as a loan originator, Todd Lubar made many connections and built many relationships. He got along well with certified professional accountants, real estate agents and financial advisors. The rapport he built with these individuals allowed him to become highly successful in the mortgage industry.

After working for the Crestar Mortgage Corporation for a few years, Todd accepted a position with an equity stake at the Legacy Financial Group. This was another company that lended out money to homeowners. With an equity stake, Todd Lubar could greatly expand his capabilities. At the Legacy Financial Group Todd began loaning out money to outside investors and act as a mini mortgage bank. Mr. Lubar also later started Legendary Properties LLC., which was an offshoot of the Legacy Financial Group. It was a property development company. More information available on Arthur’s Linked In profile.