In the real estate industry, insightful thinking is an asset in itself, and this is what Samuel Strauch has in abundant supply. A man who has had a long and prosperous career spanning many years in this industry, the success of this powerhouse of housing investment can be rightly attributed to his excellent degree of professionalism, and a keen analytic mind that can quickly interpret the dynamics of the market. He is a graduate of various world-class universities such as Harvard University, Hofstra University in New York, and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam from all of which he distinguished himself as an excellent student. It is this quality of striving for a distinction that he has brought to bear on his business.

Samuel Strauch is a team-player who understands the benefits of collective responsibility in all undertakings. It is for this reason that he executes all his business transactions with a high and infallible degree of transparency. He has smoothly succeeded where is peers have found insurmountable challenges by embracing a spirit of collaboration that puts his staff members, clients, and partners at the top. Building synergy throughout his enterprise is what defines success to him. In Miami Beach where Samuel Strauch is the face of Affinity Realty Group Inc., he is known as a Realtor with expansive knowledge of both macro and micro dynamics of the market. When it comes to investing, he has a sharp sense of understanding good value when he spots one. That is why he is among the most renowned experts in high demand.

He has a voracious appetite for progressive psychology literature that explores happiness, and he loves purposeful living. It is rare to find a satisfying balance between living happily and working successfully, but this is a feat Samuel Strauch has managed. The Miami-based real estate expert has consistently obtained positive results by building enduring partnerships with his customers, and other investors.

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