There has been much speculation surrounding the Trump administration’s decision to phase out DACA. It is a decision that has resounding effects which reach far into the lives of immigrants around the country. Phasing out DACA will shape the fate of many young immigrants. The Trump administration is appealing to a sector of the country with outdated views and beliefs. Their’s is an idea of separation and control, not communal support and embrace. Right wing extremists wanted to end the program immediately; Trump, feigning empathy, opted for a gradual phasing out. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It’s a decision that has had disastrous implications. Many young immigrants have started their lives in America and have been protected under the DACA Act. They are of millennial age and represent some of the nation’s college students, graduates, doctors, and teachers.

Thousands of immigrants have lost their work permits because of the decision to phase out the program and the effects on the American workplace are noticeable. There are currently 122 Americans being left hung out to dry every day by losing their working permits.

This means they have no way to provide for their families and the workforce is losing valuable labor. We expect to see a drop in GDP because of this decision. When the repeal is finalized in March 6, 2018, that number is expected to rise to 1,000 per day. The idea is startling.

Many advocates for DACA and DREAMers have attempted to assist immigrants with renewing their DACA status before the phase out is complete. Unfortunately, many did not take advantage of the opportunity offered. The Trump administration did nothing to assist with the renewal effort. Immigrants are advised to speak out and talk to their representatives for the purpose of enacting a new DREAM Act.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are avid supporters for immigrants’ rights. They took part in protesting the repeal of the DACA and DREAM Acts. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been instrumental in providing immigrants with results and opportunities for achieving their dreams of a better life and freedom.

Anyone who wishes to support DREAMers and protect the rights of immigrants is advised to call their Senators and representatives and insist they support the creation of a new DREAM Act. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are hard at work fighting for rights and will not quit.

They represent the future of the youth and enjoy the rewarding experience of giving back.

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