At any point in time, Securus Technologies is always receiving letters from people who need their assistance in jail houses, security companies and even members of a police department. The letters that they receive all ask for the same thing, they all want to know what they can do to help make their jails and holding centers more safe and secure.


I bet you are thinking that they want to make the place safer for those people who work there and you would be half correct. Not only do they want to make sure that the employees are safe while reporting for work but they also want to ensure that inmates are given the right to safety and protection. There will always be some form of violence in the jails and this is bound to happen when you have such close quarters but that doesn’t mean that you stop trying to prevent the violence.


The demands placed on Securus Technologies is not just for the safety of those all in the jails and housing systems, the demand is also placed on them to record phone conversations that take place within the jails. What does this have to do with protection and preventing crimes? It is simple. If they can control the amount of contraband in the jails, there will also be less violence. Also, if inmates are given the opportunity to gain access to drugs, phones, and other forms of contraband, the jails are then classified as poor management.


There are going to be times that an inmate gains access to things they should not by the people who work in the jails. You never know what someone could do until they are forced to make a decision. In some cases, the people who are working to bring the contraband into the jails is offered money for their services of sneaking the items in or they are threatned to perform the ability to sneak items into the jails.