Bruno Fagali is a leading lawyer in Brazil. He is a graduate of Pontifical Catholic University. He graduated from the university with a law degree. He is also a holder of a masters degree from the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali specializes in administrative law. He has been a key figure in the legal industry in the country. Bruno Fagali has helped numerous people in the country solve court cases. He is a brilliant lawyer who understands the law in Brazil. He has a great understanding of the law and its interpretation. He is the founder of a law firm known as Fagali Advocacy. This is a law firm that he started so that he could concentrate on private law practice in the country.


Bruno Fagali diligence is admired by many the country. His clients and fellow lawyers respect him because of his great understanding of the law. He has been in law practice for some time now and has acquired requisite experience needed to navigate the law industry in the country. He has been able to win many cases that have been brought before him. Bruno Fagali is a dedicated lawyer who knows that his work is to help clients get justice and not taking advantage of them so that he can get payments. His priority is the performance unlike many other lawyers in the country who give poor services to their clients.

Bruno Fagali has been working as a corporate integrity manager for an advertising agency in Brazil. He has been in this position in an agency called Nova/SB. This is an advertising agency that does business with the government. As an agency that does busies with the government, there is need to have measures that will maintain the integrity of the agency as it engaged in business. Government departments are known to be prone to corruption. Bruno Fagali role has been to ensure that the company engages in clean businesses.

Bruno Fagali has been an advocate of measures taken to curb corruption in the country. Brazil has been prone to rampant cases of corruption. He hopes to help the government deal with some of the challenges that have been met in the war against corruption.

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