Month: December 2017

Securus Technologies Is Making Great Strides In The World Of Protection

At any point in time, Securus Technologies is always receiving letters from people who need their assistance in jail houses, security companies and even members of a police department. The letters that they receive all ask for the same thing, they all want to know what they can do to help make their jails and holding centers more safe and secure.


I bet you are thinking that they want to make the place safer for those people who work there and you would be half correct. Not only do they want to make sure that the employees are safe while reporting for work but they also want to ensure that inmates are given the right to safety and protection. There will always be some form of violence in the jails and this is bound to happen when you have such close quarters but that doesn’t mean that you stop trying to prevent the violence.


The demands placed on Securus Technologies is not just for the safety of those all in the jails and housing systems, the demand is also placed on them to record phone conversations that take place within the jails. What does this have to do with protection and preventing crimes? It is simple. If they can control the amount of contraband in the jails, there will also be less violence. Also, if inmates are given the opportunity to gain access to drugs, phones, and other forms of contraband, the jails are then classified as poor management.


There are going to be times that an inmate gains access to things they should not by the people who work in the jails. You never know what someone could do until they are forced to make a decision. In some cases, the people who are working to bring the contraband into the jails is offered money for their services of sneaking the items in or they are threatned to perform the ability to sneak items into the jails.


Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a well-known entrepreneur in the digital industry working as a top executive and advisors for the different digital company globally. He studied Computer Science at the Stanford University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started his career in 1995 as the chief technology officer in NetNoir, a company that focuses on producing websites. From 1998 to 2002 he joined Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) as the co-founder. PCCW is now a public telecom company that is in Hong Kong with a value of over $38 billion. At his times at PCCW, he assisted the company to acquire increased connection locally and internationally transacting hundreds of millions of dollars for the company.

He later joined Capital Union Investment from 2006 to 2013 which deals with providing investment opportunities for the web companies. At his time at the Capital Union, he was the general manager of Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent, a Chinese company. When working at the Groupon, he was able to expand the revenue of the company from zero to millions of dollars in a month of the joint venture. He later joined Xfire as the CEO for the social network in video gaming which is known globally. Xfire has over 22 million registered users Malcolm assisted the company in acquiring financing and global competitive advantage in the gaming industry.

In January 2013 Malcolm CasSelle became the CEO of MediaPass and was the co-founder of Timeline Labs at the same year. In December 2014 TimeLine Labs was acquired by SeaChange International where he worked as the general manager for the company. In February 2016 he was named the chief technology officer of Tronc Inc which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing. He is currently working for Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) that deals with trading of virtual assets for people playing online games. WAX tokens are used to transact between the buyers and sellers of the video game assets.

An Overview of Betsy DeVos’ Philanthropy Work

Betsy DeVos is an American politician and entrepreneur. She holds a degree in Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is married to Dick DeVos who is also active in entrepreneurship, community activism, and philanthropy. They have a big family consisting of four children and five grandchildren. She is serving in President Donald Trump’s government as the 11th United States Secretary Education. Born on 8th Jan1958, DeVos has shown to possess excellent leadership skills, innovative, disruptor, a reformer and an advocate.


She is said to be a pioneer in all the fields she has served in ranging from business to education to politics. She has been actively involved in removing obstacles in all these areas to enable others to thrive. For instance in education, she has gained fame for her support for choice of school, school voucher programs and charter schools. Being a leading advocate of the educational choice movement is perhaps what she is best known for in the field of education. In her efforts to be an educational advocate, she serves as the chairperson of the American Federation for Children and the Alliance for School Choice.


She started her political career more than 35 years ago while in college where she undertook her vacation involving herself in campus politics. She has since then remained active in the field where he has served over 35yrs, Betsy has held the position of chairperson of Michigan Republican Party for four times. She has also held various leadership roles in political action committees, campaigns, and party organizations. Her political endeavors today are geared towards promoting educational choices.


In business, Betsy has been looking for innovative solutions to solve social issues. She was the former chairperson of The Windquest Group, which is a private investment and management firm dealing in technology, processing, and clean energy. They established the firm in partnership with her husband in 1989.


She is committed to serving her community where she has served in various positions in national and local boards. She has served as the chairperson of both The Philanthropy Roundtable board of directors and the American Federation for Children. She is the chairperson of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She has also established DeVos Institute for Arts and Management at the Kennedy Center. All these nonprofits roles and charity interests portray her efforts in reforming. On 23th Nov 2016, she was announced to be the nominee of choice for to serve as the United States Secretary of Education. She said she was honored to serve in the government of Donald Trump in making the American education sector great again just like it was Trump’s campaigning slogan.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Bruno Fagali And His Success In Law

Bruno Fagali is a leading lawyer in Brazil. He is a graduate of Pontifical Catholic University. He graduated from the university with a law degree. He is also a holder of a masters degree from the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali specializes in administrative law. He has been a key figure in the legal industry in the country. Bruno Fagali has helped numerous people in the country solve court cases. He is a brilliant lawyer who understands the law in Brazil. He has a great understanding of the law and its interpretation. He is the founder of a law firm known as Fagali Advocacy. This is a law firm that he started so that he could concentrate on private law practice in the country.


Bruno Fagali diligence is admired by many the country. His clients and fellow lawyers respect him because of his great understanding of the law. He has been in law practice for some time now and has acquired requisite experience needed to navigate the law industry in the country. He has been able to win many cases that have been brought before him. Bruno Fagali is a dedicated lawyer who knows that his work is to help clients get justice and not taking advantage of them so that he can get payments. His priority is the performance unlike many other lawyers in the country who give poor services to their clients.

Bruno Fagali has been working as a corporate integrity manager for an advertising agency in Brazil. He has been in this position in an agency called Nova/SB. This is an advertising agency that does business with the government. As an agency that does busies with the government, there is need to have measures that will maintain the integrity of the agency as it engaged in business. Government departments are known to be prone to corruption. Bruno Fagali role has been to ensure that the company engages in clean businesses.

Bruno Fagali has been an advocate of measures taken to curb corruption in the country. Brazil has been prone to rampant cases of corruption. He hopes to help the government deal with some of the challenges that have been met in the war against corruption.

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