Month: July 2017

Spreading Talk Fusion’s Message

With more than two decades in business, Bob Reina and his company have been making an impact in the business world for many years. The group takes a unique approach to the marketing world. The Florida-based video marketing company recently published multiple articles in the Huffington Post that gained media attention. The articles were titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,”and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” The Huffington Post was aiming to spread Bob Reina’s mission of of innovation. Reina is a firm believer that a company’s growth is never complete and they should always look for ways to get better. Learn more:


Reina himself has built a working relationship with the post over the last year. He has focused his energy on topics like marketing, entrepreneurship and self-development. He has been very determined to share his wisdom from years in business. The Huffington Post large readership of more than 200 million people is a great platform for Reina to share his thoughts. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is the world’s first all in one video marketing solution. The innovative company offers a variety of tools in the world of email, marketing and video. Talk Fusion’s products have been shared in more than one hundred different countries across the globe. The company remains committed giving back to the community as well as families in need. With more than ten years in business already, Talk Fusion appears destined to continue making an impact on the business and marketing world for many more years to come.

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How Roberto Santiago Revitalized Joao Pessoa By Building A Mall

Roberto Santiago is a highly successful businessman. He got his start in the world of business after graduating from the Pio X Marist College in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, as well as the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he earned is Business Administration degree. The first company he founded was a company that designed and fabricated cardboard boxes for other companies. These boxes were used to package their products and sell them to consumers. Read more articles on

In the mid-80’s Roberto Santiago entered the worlds of real estate, retailing, and entertainment by buying a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa and then designing a huge shopping mall to go on it. His mall, Manaira Shopping Mall, opened for business in 1989. Over the past 20 years, Roberto has continuously upgraded and added onto the mall in order to meet evolving needs. The mall has developed into one of the main attractions of the city and brings in people from the whole region that want to experience what it offers.

Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the biggest malls in Brazil. There are seemingly endless retail stores offering every type of good imaginable and for every sized budget. There is also a huge food court which Roberto Santiago has added onto twice since the mall opened. Today the food choices run the gamut from cheap fast food to a couple of four-star restaurants. Roberto Santiago doesn’t want his mall to just appeal to one demographic or another, he wants everyone to find what they are looking for at Manaira Shopping Mall.

Santiago’s mall has a great deal of entertainment options. There is an arcade area that also includes video games and a bowling alley. There is also a large movie theater with several screens including one that can show movies in IMAX.

One of the biggest and most culturally relevant additions to Manaira Shopping Mall that Roberto Santiago has made is Domus Hall which he located on top of the mall. This is a huge air-conditioned concert hall that can host up to 10,000 people. It is comprised of two levels with the lower one for private parties. The top floor is designed for concerts but it is also customizable. It has held fairs, theater performances, art exhibits, weddings, and other large events.

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The mall that Roberto Santiago built has been a boon to the local community. It has brought a ton of jobs for people to work at the mall. The events in Domus Hall also bring in customers from across the region who spend money in the mall’s stores as well as the restaurants. The area around the mall has also been revitalized since he founded it with new office space and residential homes going in on a regular basis.

Oncotarget a Journal Dedicated to Making High Quality Research Accessible

As a research scientist, I am challenged to find accessible and affordable journal subscriptions that can compliment my scientific research. Most journals offer expensive yearly subscription rates or charge high per article costs. With cancer research rapidly evolving, I need access to a selection of relevant journals. However, the costs are prohibitive and information in a single journal is limited to a few topics. I need a journal that publishes articles that reviews technology while also offering insights into the policy issues that affect cancer research. It would great to find one authoritative journal that covers all the fields that relevant, with articles that are authored by leading scientists. I recently came across a journal that I decided to take a closer look at. A journal aptly titled Oncotarget. The journal contained scientific research that was surprisingly right-off-the-press. The journal not only covered oncology research, but broadly included other important related areas of research including endocrinology, cardiology, cell biology and pharmacology just to name a few. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

To get a better idea of how the journal fairs in comparison with others, I looked up the journal’s impact factor. The impact factor is defined as a window into the journal’s success as a tool to share research information and attract reputable scientists to contribute high quality research. With an impressive impact factor of 5.168, Oncotarget is cited regularly which is helping the journal and its content remain prominent. Researchers keep up with impact factors as a yard stick to determine where to publish research findings. High impact factor journals attract high caliber authors.

I also considered the journal’s cost when making a decision on whether to spend resources on a subscription. While most journal subscriptions are costly, Oncotarget offers free-access. This means that the research papers are available to the public to download and print on demand at no cost. The research is accessible allowing breakthroughs to be shared broadly.

With Oncotarget’s goal defined as ensuring a life without disease, the journal is well on its way to fulfilling that goal by increasing availability of high caliber research. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.