Netflix’s anime catalog is actually pretty extensive. To my surprise, there are around 20. But here are the top 4 anime on Netflix:


Sword Art Online

This show is a science fiction anime series. It was originally a light novel but was adapted into a show years later. It follows two characters who are trapped in a virtual world called Sword Art Online. They must go through all 100 floors and then defeat a final boss to be freed from the game.  Really great sword anime that’s so much fun to watch.



Sword Art Online II

This one is similar to the first, except this one is about a fantasy world called Gun Gale Online. This time they are fighting against a character named Death Gun, who has the ability to kill someone in real life, and then, as a result, their avatars would also die.


Attack on Titan

This show is set in a reality where humans must live in cities that are surrounded by huge walls. The reason for this is an extra defense against the Titan’s, enormous humanoid creatures that eat humans.


Blue Exorcist

This follows two twins who find out that their father is Satan, making this a really dark anime. Eventually, Satan killed their guardian. One of the brothers then decides to enroll at True Cross Academy, in order to study exorcism and defeat his father.